CloudsClouds   2013   Oil on canvas   16 x 12 inches   Private Collection

This is a familiar scene to me. My brother’s place out in the country. Lot’s of space with nothing blocking your view of the sky. A luxury I appreciate whenever I have the chance to see it.

This painting shows a very small portion of the wide view you have out there. The fields are separated by tree lines that break up the long flat spaces. But it’s the sky that steals the show for me. The silhouette of the tree line is merely a stand to set the sky on.

Clouds, and the weather associated with them, affect our mood. These puffy white cotton clouds are the ones most people associate with happiness. I know when I look up at them they always make me feel relaxed and optimistic. It’s a perfect day weather-wise. Unfortunately, days like this can be few and far between.

In this painting I wanted to preserve the memory of a perfect day. A friendly reminder of good things for those less-than-perfect days.

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