The first painting

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Field Rising to Stormy SkyField Rising to Stormy Sky   October 2013   Oil on canvas board   11 x 14 inches   SOLD

Sometimes I have to drive long stretches through rural areas and it can be very boring. But if you look around you can see some interesting things. On this day it was very windy with a storm approaching from Lake Huron. The land has some rolling hills that remind me of ocean swells. It was the perfect terrain for this weather.

This view is particularly dramatic with clouds flying urgently toward us. At first glance they seem grey and depressing but are actually full of colour and swirling movement.

The wheat in the field is glowing compared to the darkness around it. The wind, visible in the field and grass, waves gently one second and violently the next. The field rises like a wave that threatens to break over top of us.

The fence posts on the left stand useless for all practical purpose but somehow manage to contain the chaos.

This scene flew by my car window in a flash but managed to make a strong impression. I thought, “That might make an interesting painting someday”. Instead of driving on I pulled the car over.

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