Tulip Tree – Fall

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Tulip TreeTulip Tree   2013   Oil on canvas   12 x 16 inches   Private Collection

This is a painting of the large tulip tree in our front yard.

Tulip trees pop colourful flowers in the late spring. Elegant pastels against the broad, green leaves.  Even in winter it’s stately branches wait patiently for warmth and renewal. A beautiful tree year round but the fall is when it commands your attention.

This was my first attempt at painting with a palette knife. The gobs of paint mimic the leaves rustling on a breezy day. I was surprised to see the colours of the leaves practically matched the oils straight out of the tube. Indian red, cadmium yellow and yellow ocher. Up close it looks like an abstract mix of shapes but pull back (or squint) and it gels into three dimensions.

This painting hangs near our front foyer. It’s one of the first things you see when you walk in the door. A reminder of fantastic things that don’t last long.

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